Festoon Ball Light - 60

The FESTOON BALL LIGHT -60 is one of our most gorgeous design in the year of 2013 which has got warmly welcome in the lighting design market. Each LED BALL LIGHT could be hanged from a cable.  Puncture connection gives the most flexibility during installation. It is also waterproof with epoxy encased. It is DMX controllable and can be easily maintained.

Designed by Vivid RGB  Lighting, USA


• Concerts and entertainment industry
• Exhibition and trade show
• Building decoration
• Homely lighting
• Shopping mall
• Tree decoration


• Beam angle 320°
• Superior RGB diodes
• Customized wire length and string quantity
• Dustproof, waterproof and UV resistant, IP65 protection rating
• Easy for installation and maintenance,Customers can finish the work alone,All you need just a key tool.
• Long life span of LED lights
• DMX Controllable